Food from around the World Wide Web

Friday 10th April 2020

Qualified well wishes aren’t well wishes and in this case aren’t human … what do you do if someone you disagree with politically falls ill? You just wish them well. Stephen Kneale argues that if you need to explain your political disagreement whilst wishing them well then you are falling into virtue signalling

The Comfort of the Apocalypse interesting article on Psephizo. There will be The Apocalypse when Christ is revealed in judgement. In the meantime we can expect mini -apocalypses

Learning During Wartime We do to learn the lessons from the past and so The Wee Flea (David Robertson) has shared the transcript of a wartime talk by CS Lewis

Why (and How) to Preach Christ’s descent to the dead: Did Jesus visit Hell? Here’s Matt Emerson’s take

40 Women: 38. Esther – Ros Clarke has been running a series during Lent of women in the Bible. Here’s a taster but why not head back and start at the beginning?

Out of the Freezer: Only recently frozen -but talking of Esther – here are my reflections on her witness.

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