Thy kingdom come

When Jesus started preaching, he announced the nearness of God’s kingdom. This kingdom is not about a specific geographical area, rather it is about God’s sovereign rule and reign over his creation.

We link “Your kingdom come” to “your will be done” because the two go closely together.  A prayer for God’s kingdom to come is a prayer that people will submit to his will.  This is a prayer that people will obey God’s word and follow his ways. It is a prayer for our own lives and our churches that we will desire his will for our lives more and more.

However, ultimately, this prayer is about the Gospel. God’s reign is seen in the reign of Christ. His kingdom coming means that lives are rescued for the kingdom of sin and darkness. In the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus committed to his Father’s will. The shared will of the Father and the Son was that Jesus would take our place on the cross bringing forgiveness of sin.

If this is what God’s kingdom is coming, then we cannot pray this without recognising that we form an essential element of the answer to the prayer. We cannot ask for his kingdom to come if we are not willing to go.

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