Dog whistle racism is still racism

Photo by Vlada Karpovich on

In the early hours of Sunday morning a major incident unfolded in Birmingham city centre. A man stabbed a number of people resulting in several critical injuries and one death.

A manhunt followed and police circulated CCTV footage of him. He was caught and arrested. As is not unusual the suspect has not yet been named. Remember we are still waiting for the Tory MP accused of rape to be named.

It was not long before the usual voices led by Nigel Farage wanted more information. We of course ‘know exactly why’ he wasn’t named. This is intentional implicit is the suggestion he was an asylum seeker, a foreigner, someone to be feared not merely because he was violent but because he was an outsider.

We had the usual catch phrases about political correctness gone mad and then comments about Birmingham being “overrun.”

So let’s be clear, using dog whistle tactics to put in the boot does not disguise the agenda. Racism is still racism. Sin is still sin. Hatred us still hatred. Have nothing to do with these things.

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