Specifically Wrong

Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com

Today asked about the Government’s Brexit policy, a minister, Brandon Lewis stated that yes the Government would break international law … in a specific way.

You heard that right. A minister acknowledged intention to break a law. Not only that, the slightly weird defence was introduced that it was only in a specific way.

That is fascinating news for law breakers everywhere. There will be burglars willing to acknowledge that they broke the law but only in the very specific way of breaking and entering. That time you were speeding, yes you broke traffic laws in a specific way. on an uglier note, Jeremy Corbyn tolerated anti-semitism in a specific way. All those MPs who fiddled their expenses were also being very specific. So that’s all okay then!

Now first of all there should be something we want to react to as Christians. It should concern us that there is such a frivolous attitude to law breaking in public life. We want to say loudly that this is wrong. That should not depend on which party we support or whether or not we are pro Brexit.

Secondly we should lament another example of deterioration of language and discourse into nonsense.

Thirdly we should be challenged. Wrong doing is so easy to justify isn’t it. That is our default setting. Yet sin is sin no matter the excuse. What is more breaking one specific law of God is to break all of his law.

It is such good news to know that we have a saviour who died for all our sin not just some specific ones.

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