A COVID-19 opportunity – more Scripture in corporate worship

Photo by John-Mark Smith on Pexels.com

There has been a little progress this week in regards to corporate worship.  From Sunday it will be possible to include a small choir as part of public worship and for a congregation to sing outside of the building. These are small baby steps but hopefully they will help us move towards normality again. However, that normality is a long way off. So what do we do in the meantime. Well, a lot of us have used the opportunity to sit and listen to worship songs. Listening whilst not singing is a little frustrating but better than nothing and does push us to focus on the words.

Here’s another possibility. Why not maximise the amount of Scripture read during the meeting? It should be possible to read a significant selection of old and new testament readings or to read a significant section of one part of the Bible. A whole Gospel could be read over 2 or 3 Sundays and some of Paul’s epistles read through in one sitting.

You could get different readers to read portions and you could ask the whole congregation to read a section together. You could even set up a reading as a liturgical call and response with pastor and congregation reading alternative verses.  You could read sections out two or three times from different versions. Another option would be to read through a portion meditatively, pausing to pray for things highlighted in the reading.

What if a consequence of the pandemic was that we’d heard more and read more of the Bible together? What if that led to a greater knowledge and a greater enjoyment of Scripture? That would be a positive wouldn’t it?

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