The Guilt Driven Church or the Grace Saturated Church?


Over the next few days we’ve something a little different on #TheDailyDose . I’m taking a break from working through a book in order to look at a mini topical series.  Over the past few months, we’ve been challenged following the Fletcher, Smyth and Timmis scandals to look at our church culture.

What kind of culture gives cover for abusers? I want to suggest it is one where although grace is preached from the front and people are invited to receive eternal life through that grace, it doesn’t actually saturate the culture of church life.  Rather than being saturated in grace, the church culture is driven by guilt, shame and fear.

The Daily Dose talks on Tuesday – Friday were first given at a church weekend for Rochester Baptist Church about 5 years ago. I’ve revisited them in the past few weeks because I think they have particular relevance to the wider church now.  They are all about how to be Grace Driven instead of Guilt driven.

In them we will talk about the difference between real/objective guilt and false/subjective guilt. We will also see what shame is. Then we’ll talk about three dangers that the church faces: legalism, licence and magic. We’ll discover what part we are meant to play in our sanctification and finally we’ll see how Jesus deals with guilt and shame.

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