The truth about cats and dogs

#TheDailyDose (Psalm 51)

The difference between cats and dogs

               Dogs show guilt in their face

               Cats cause you to feel guilt

A lot of people carry a heavy burden of guilt and shame –it can cripple us as we seek to serve God. It can cripple churches too

What is guilt?

Often when we talk about guilt we really mean subjective guilt –this is to do with how we feel.  I feel/ believe I am guilty I have done wrong. I have failed to meet personal expectations or the perceived expectations of others

This is closely aligned with shame

Shame is …. a deep emotion connected with humiliation, rejection and pain –a sense of being exposed, found out for who I really am and what I’m  really like

The problem with false guilt  – subjective guilt and shame may be false

Wrong Expectations and accusations of others or myself

Blame and accusation unfairly attributed – e.g. the abuse victim

Two issues

Crushed when it’s not my fault

Distraction from real guilt … e.g apologising for historic events is easier than dealing with what happens now.

Real guilt

David’s story –  Bathshebah

A recognition of guilt before God (Psalm 51:3-4)

The Solution to guilt and shame

What God is like

               Unfailing love & compassion (Psalm 51:1)

               Truth (Psalm 51:6)

               Saving (Psalm 51:14)

What David asks for

               Mercy and forgiveness (v1)

               Cleansing (v 2, v 7)

               Healing, restoration, new creation (v 10-11)

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