Tell us your story

One of the things I like to do on Faithroots is share the stories of what God is doing in other places. One of my priorities is to encourage church planting into less reached areas.  So, by sharing stories about church planting, whether a revitalisation in multi-cultural inner city Smethwick, or rural Tanzania, I hope to encourage people to see these contexts and important mission opportunities and to consider praying for them.

I also work on the basis that if someone is praying regularly for a mission context then they are more likely to give to it. If they are giving then they are more likely to visit in order to see for themselves. If they pray, given and visit then they are more likely to respond to a calling to go there too.

If you are working in a hard to reach Gospel context then I’d love to give you the opportunity to share your story here.  Drop us a line if you would like to do this.

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