Commonwealth Games outreach (prayer update)

Just a quick update on plans for outreach during the Commonwealth Games.  The Commonwealth Games arrive in Birmingham this week with the Queen’s Baton (kind of the alternative to the Olympic Torch) arriving on Sunday and the official opening ceremony on Friday evening.  The Games will conclude on the 8th August with a closing ceremony at Alexander Stadium.  Events will be spread out across the West Midlands with Aquatic sports taking place in Smethwick, very close to where we used to live.  The main athletics venue is a shortish walk from our new home.

During the Games, with a few others, I’m planning to be out and about on the streets close to the stadium talking to both locals and people visiting for the Games.  We’ll be offering them free literature with my focus being copies of Luke’s Gospel and a means to connect and follow up. So, in our case, that’ll mean that people will also receive a card inviting them to take a look at First Look to help them get into Luke’s Gospel and meet Jesus.

There will also be contact details so that people can get in touch if they want to be linked with a local church either here in Birmingham or back in their home city/country.

Your prayers over the next few weeks for good weather, safety and meaningful conversations will be much appreciated.

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