“Come over and help us” – can you give?

Today I wanted to say a little bit more about the second part of partnership for urban church planting in the West Midlands. Giving.  We’re British so we aren’t comfortable about talking about money and I promise that this won’t become a habit on Faithroot.com.  However, giving is a way of developing partnership as you begin to invest further in Gospel work. As I said the other day, people are more likely to come/go to where they are already praying and giving.

I hope and expect the need for financial support to grow as we seek to recruit further planters who will need some form of support. The more that they can be freed up from other work for this work the better. So, I’m looking for potential long term partners willing to prayerfully and financially support planters as they begin to come. In fact, it would be helpful for a potential planter to know that there is already some support pledged when making their decision.

In the immediate short-term here are some specific needs that we have and how your personal support is already helping.  Thank you to those who have already generously given.

  1. Purchasing of literature and resources.  As mentioned in the post on prayer, I’ve found that giving away copies of Luke’s Gospel is a good way to start contact.  We’ve been able to purchase 500 copies of this over the summer and would like to replenish our stocks as we go into the winter.
  2. Maintaining and developing faithroot.com. I’d like to be able to develop the site further so that we can offer more audio-visual resources.
  3. Personal costs.  Your support helps me to pay into voluntary National Insurance contributions and a pension pot as we seek to be responsible stewards and prepare for the longer-term future.
  4. Energy costs.  I work from home and so the study/office needs heating and lighting through the day, especially as we head into the winter and with rising fuel costs.

If you want to support the work, then there are three ways in which you can give.

  1. You can give via pay-pal  using this link
  2. You can donate here using Stripe
  3. You can set up a direct debit or a one off bank transfer.  Please contact me for bank account and sort-code details.

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