What’s coming up on the Faithroots Podcast?

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One of the primary aims of Faithroots – right from the beginning was to help make theological education accessible.  There are two reasons for this.  First, I’ve a specific concern to help encourage and equip people into urban ministry through church planting and revitalisation.  To help with this, I want to see potential pastors equipped for ministry and I’m aware that many of the very people with the gifts and the calling will not be able to easily access traditional seminary theological education.  So, I wanted to make training readily available and accessible without cost, to those who most need it.

Secondly, going further still, I believe that all Christians should be able to access and engage with deep theology.  That’s because

  1. Theology is at its simplest, knowledge of God through his word.
  2. It’s therefore about what we believe about God, Creation, New Creation and us.
  3. What we believe about those things affects how we live

So, my aim has been to make theological training and resources available through blog posts, publications, the podcast and in person events.

I try to offer all of this for free.  You are welcome to take any resources that you find helpful here in the site and share them freely too.  All I ask is that you acknowledge the source and that you share for free.  This also means that some of you may wish to voluntarily support the work. You can find out more about how to do so here.

This coming year, I’m going to be using the podcast to focus on Systematic Theology on helping us to think through the specific doctrines we believe and how they affect how we live.  We are going to start with a look at “How do we know? – The Doctrine of Revelation.”

We may also intersperse this with some teaching through specific books of the Bible.  I’m looking at preparing some materials on Ephesians for later in the year.

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