This page is for those who are interested in supporting our ministry. As you will see from this section of the site Sarah and I have a passion to see urban mission and ministry in the UK through church planting and revitalisation in the neediest and least glamourous parts of the country. This site plays a part by providing teaching and training resources for those who find themselves called to such situations. Resources include the publications section and also an evangelistic course, Firstlook that you can use in your community with neighbours, friends and family.

How can you support the work?


The first and most important thing needed is prayer support. As well as opinion and thought pieces on the blog here, you will also find regular updates both on work that we are directly involved with or to other urban gospel initiatives that we are aware of and wish to commend.


Could you partner with us by becoming part of an urban outreach/plant. As we highlight specific gospel needs, it may be that you would like to be part of it by either relocating to join the work yourself or by sending people from your church. This might mean that you relocate work or even that you leave full time work in order to focus on helping to lead a plant and raising your own support. This might be worth considering in conjunction with training for Gospel Ministry via Crosslands

To find out more about opportunities get in touch via the contact form below.


Would you like to give towards the work of urban mission? Most of the plants that will get mentioned on faithroots are likely to be dependent on outside support for the long term. Contact them directly in order to find out more.

You will be aware that I am leaving my current role with Bearwood Chapel on the 31st December. We are still considering future options and that may involve a full time role with another church or it may involve pioneer planting where I will seek to raise my own support. Keep an eye out for news as plans develop and become clearer. If we move into pioneer planting, we may be looking for people to pledge longer term support

In the short term I will be effectively free-lance/itinerant (probably at least until Easter) and will be providing online teaching and evangelistic material as well as being available to provide support where needed. We currently are comfortable financially though it may be that some people would like to help support us as there will be some expenses coming up including potential moving costs, expenses and also National Insurance and pension contributions to make.

If you would like to support me directly, please get in touch via the form above. Or alternatively you can make a donation

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