Finding the right hill to die on in practical pastoral leadership

I’ve been enjoying reading Gavin Ortlund’s “Finding the right hill to die on” about theological triage. The concept of Theological Triage was coined by Al Mohler to describe how Christians go about distinguishing first, second and third order issues. In other words, there are theological issues that are central to the Gospel itself, it isContinue reading “Finding the right hill to die on in practical pastoral leadership”

Losing Sleep and a hill to die on

The other day I talked about the issues we choose to lose sleep about and not feeling compelled to lose sleep about everything that others are passionate about.  Well, I’ve just started reading a book by Gavin Ortlund called “Choosing which hill to die on.”  The imagery is about defending your position in battle andContinue reading “Losing Sleep and a hill to die on”