Disinfectant for the Soul

So Donald Trump has suggested that perhaps if we try injecting disinfectant into people it will cure COVID-19. It’s one of those moments where his minders must have been thinking “Oh… no” and everyone else wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry.

A good part of me leans towards the latter. I remember saying to Sarah when things began to escalate that I was worried someone would hear about the effectiveness of soap against the virus and we would hear about a serious injury or worse by someone drinking hand-wash.  I am nervous that there will be people now who try this.

The immediate response of a number of people was to point out that yes disinfectant would kill the virus but it would also kill the patient too. 

But it reminded me that the Bible does tell us that there is a remedy to the heart problem of sin. The problem is that the remedy kills the patient because the remedy is … death.  That’s exactly why we cannot deal with the problem of sin ourselves. That is exactly why we needed Jesus to come and die in our place for us bringing forgiveness for sin and resurrection life.

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