The Holy Spirit guarantees the promises of God

In our second look at what it means to be “sealed with the Holy Spirit” we look at the wider context. To understand what a phrase means we need to see how it fits within a passage and a book. So have a read of Ephesians 1:1-14.

God the Father is worthy of praise and glory. This is the same God who has blessed us. Our blessings are all in Christ. This is possible because we are united to him. We become part of God’s family. There are two images that show this in Ephesians

  • Ephesians 5 shows that we are united into God’s family through Christ because the church is the Bride of Christ. Christ takes on himself all that belongs to us (guilt, shame, death) and gives us everything that is his (spiritual inheritance, blessing, forgiveness, eternal life).
  • Here in this passage, we see that we are united through adoption as sons (and therefore heirs) into God’s family through Christ

The passage points to a God who chooses to love us and redeem us.

The passage is Trinitarian. The Father blesses us, it is all in Christ, the Holy Spirit seals and applies God’s promises and blessings to us.

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