Resources for facing depression

In this post I wanted to provide a quick round up of suggested resources for people struggling with emotional health issues. Because as I mentioned here, depression and emotional health is multi-faceted, you will want to look at a range of helps responding to both the spiritual and physical dynamics involved. I will also try to add recommendations as I find them. I am also leaving the comments section open at the bottom of the page so you can add your suggestions

First of all, all the articles relating to depression on this site have been assigned to a specific category which you can find here.

My friend Stephen Kneale has written and provided podcasts talking about his own experience of facing depression.

Mark Meynall is another pastor learning to live with depression. His book “When darkness seems my closest friend” is very helpful.

As mentioned in my last blog post on the subject, Martyn Lloyd Jones book “Spiritual Depression” has become a classic.  As you read this, don’t forget that it is focused on spiritual causes and symptoms but depression is often caused by other factors too.

One area where emotional health links into physical health is when it links to eating disorders. I strongly recommend Emma Scrivener’s blog and her book “A New Name.”

In my post on causes of depression, I highlighted that the attacks of others can be a direct cause. Ron Dunn’s book “Surviving friendly fire” is therefore a crucial read. You may also find my article “When friends turn. The enemy within” helpful too.  Ron’s book “When Heaven is Silent” is also high on my list of recommendations.

I have written a number of articles about the problems of bullying and abuse in the church -available here.

A little while back we interviewed Chloe Belllerby about facing mental illness including self-harm during her teens. You can access her fantastic site here

I have found the Psalms to be so helpful during times when I have low or under siege.

I have also found the following songs helpful to listen to:

The Goodness of God


Under Your wings

You say

When we see your face

Is he worthy

Suggestions from others

Ben Carswell has offered this article from Roger Carswell – the perspective of a patient “Treasures of Darkness”

Here is a testimony by Aled Saego

Jeremy Brooks suggests the book “Christians get depressed too” by David P Murray

Jack Eswine, Spurgeon’s Sorrows has been suggested by Fiona Gibson

Faithroots on Depression – Youtube videos

Also check out

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