Will God heal me? (Part 1)

Here’s our latest “Afternoon Tea discussion” and as usual, I’m going to give some summary notes here but the best thing to do is to watch it through. There’s some intro stuff including a book review and conversation about increased wild-life sightings but you can skip through the appetisers and get into the main content a few minutes in.

Here are the key things

  • We might want to start with the question “Why should God heal.” The first reason for this is that atheists are quick to jump on the issue of suffering and death but from their perspective they should have no issue with it.  Suffering, sickness and death is just about evolution sorting out which genes will survive.
  • Secondly, we could say that God does not have to heal because suffering and sickness are a consequence of sin and The Fall.
  • However, I do believe that God heals both from Scripture and from experience and observation. 
  • The Scriptural case is that Christ came to deal with the curse of sin. Creation groans and longs for full renewal and freedom from suffering. In Christ’s life we see miracles as a foretaste of what his work will achieve. We also see specific clusters of signs and wonders around Jesus and the Apostles to give evidence that their claims are true.
  • I believe we still see healing today as a foretaste of the New Creation.
  • Biblically, the responsibility for the healing and for faith seems to be as much on the person claiming to heal as anyone. People should not be made to feel guilty when healing does not happen.
  • It is right to ask for healing. We express a natural desire for something good.
  • It is perhaps better to ask “Why does God heal some people” than “Why does he not heal others.” In fact answering the first question will help answer the second.
  • The answer is that God always acts for what brings him glory and what is for our best good.

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