When God doesn’t heal (Will God heal me part 2)

This is part two in our look at the question “Will God heal me?”  You can find the first discussion here. What do we do when we long for healing, have prayed for healing and it doesn’t seem to happen?  Here are some notes from the discussion which you can watch below.

  • This can be a particular challenge for people struggling with chronic, long term conditions and with emotional and mental health conditions.
  • There is a particular challenge if the symptoms of the condition are fairly well hidden as this can lead to a greater sense of aloneness of fear that you are not believed or understood and that you feel like a fraud.
  • We may be tempted to doubt God and lose trust in his love. It is important to remember and be encouraged that we look forward to ultimate healing when Christ returns.
  • A particular concern for those who are terminally ill (often under pressure from others) are desperately seeking a solution either by going chasing faith healers or ramping up treatment. Time could be better spent with loved ones and preparing for death.
  • Don’t neglect or give up on medical treatments such as medicine and therapies. They play their part in reducing and controlling symptoms.
  • We can be tempted to see miraculous healing as like a cure all pill. Just as I would rathe take a pill than work on changing aspects of my lifestyle, so too I can look to the prayer ministry when God might be saying that I need to do the hard work of changing my lifestyle, my thought patterns etc.
  • Remember that God is using everything for your good and his glory. What are you learning through suffering that you wouldn’t have if you had been healed. How does your illness provide opportunities for witness?

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