The deeper infection that has contaminated our political system

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Let me just remind you again of the EHRC charge sheet against the Labour Party

“The Party is responsible for three breaches of the Equality Act (2010) relating to:

  • political interference in antisemitism complaints
  • failure to provide adequate training to those handling antisemitism complaints
  • harassment”[1]

I want to ask you to consider the unprecedented seriousness of this. There is the fact that we are dealing with the ugly stain of anti-Semitism but even if that were not the issue, we would still be dealing with allegations about undue political interference in complaints and grievance processes and harassment.

Now think about what has been happening alongside that. There’s been bullying on social media, MPs recalled due to criminal offences, there are still question marks over the Conservatives’ election funding back in 2015. Then we have a Government that were rebuked by the Supreme Court for unlawful behaviour around the constitution last year. We’ve seen MPs, advisors and public figures get away with not following COVID-19 regulations and an MP is currently being investigation for rape – one in a long list of allegations about sexual harassment.

Put all of this together, just over a decade since the expenses scandal and we have to acknowledge that there is an unpleasant stench about public life. There isn’t even a pretence now of trying to follow the basic rules of public morality.

This situation should bring us to our knees in prayer as we lament for the situation. We should pray all the more earnestly for those in public office. We should also pray for Christians to be called into politics in order to make a difference. It should then move us to take a stand and to challenge those in public life, calling on them to repent and to seek reform of our broken systems.


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