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This is something new that we’ll be trying each Wednesday.  I’m aiming to include as much live content as possible throughout he day via our Facebook page. The reason for this is that one of my concerns is to help provide training resources for those engaging in urban ministry and particularly for those who might want to access seminary level training but for various reasons such as cost, time etc might not be able to.

Today’s live content will include

Morning Prayer and devotions at 9am with a look at Psalm 4 and Matthew 11:25 -30 “Come to me for rest”

Barriers to Multiplication at 2pm when I’ll be looking at some of the reasons we struggle to see multiplication in disciples (you my be wondering if we should even expect that and so that will be part of the discussion)

At 8pm we resume our series looking at Covenant Theology and the end of the book of Deuteronomy “Life in the presence of the living God”  Today, we come to Deuteronomy 32 and Moses’ son “Honey from the Rock”

Why not also spend a bit of time during the day doing some personal study and preparation.  Some useful things to focus on include

Have a read of the first 2 chapters of “How do we know?” and take a look at the first two sets of questions in the study guide.

Read back through some of the past studies in Deuteronomy here.  Then take time to read through Deuteronomy chapters 21 and 32 then try answering these questions.

  1. Why (from context) is Moses singing the song?
  2. How would you set out the structure of the song?
  3. What has God done for Israel?
  4. How has Israel responded?
  5. Identify 3 lines that particularly strike you,. Look at the language used, the metaphor or simile, any rhetorical devises.  How does the poetry function to deliver a message?
  6. What were the key lessons that the people of Israel were meant to learn from the song?
  7. Apply the Song to Christ. How is it fulfilled in (how does it apply to) him?
  8. Through and in Christ, how can we see the song applying to us today?
  9. Does the song remind you of any worship songs? Why not take a bit of time to listen to a couple now?

I look forward to catching up with you live during the day.

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