Faithroots Wednesday

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Join us for live teaching, training and encouragement today. 

9:00am Morning Prayer with devotions – Lord of Space and Time (Matthew 12:1-13)

2:00pm Gospel Maths (part 2)  Pandemic proofing the church

8:00pm The finale of “Life in the presence of the Living God” as we look at Deuteronomy 33 and 34.

All live sessions are broadcast at (1) Faithroots | Facebook 

If you are joining us in setting aside Wednesdays as a study day, then you might also want to use the time to check back on previous talks you have missed.

Check out our YouTube channel for shorter videos too. Our latest series is You Shall know the  Truth: An anatomy of Conspiracy Theories”

Also worth a look “Sealed with the Holy Spirit”

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