Truth and Reason go together

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This tweet remains online, having been seen by the originator’s 60,000 followers and retweeted 146 times and liked 600 times (as of the 4th February 2021)

This, despite the fact that several people have explained to the original poster that the claim was not in fact true.  It seems that instead of taking a few seconds to delete the original false claim, explain that he was misinformed and apologise, he would rather lash out at some of the Scottish pastors who have dared to challenge him. 

As I explained the other day, there were others that were happy to see the original tweet remain online. Why? Well because it suited a narrative and so pushing that narrative became more important than the veracity of the claim. The attitude seems to be that even if this particular accusation doesn’t quite hold true, the general conclusion is definitely fact and so, it doesn’t matter too much if the facts don’t quite fit.

Except that there is a further problem. Not only was the claim untrue but even if it had been true, then it still would not have supported the argument being made. According to Mr White, the existence of fines for ministers visiting homes proves that:

“this has never been about a virus”

Instead it is all about tyrannical power. Come again, Mr White. How exactly do you intend to argue that one. All that you have shown, is that some people, including ministers of religion might be subjected to fines. But the exact reason for that fine, even if it had been true would have been for someone breaking a lockdown requirement that we should not enter one another’s houses. Why do the authorities at Westminister and the devolved administrations not want people to go in and out of each other’s houses and to hold gatherings?

The answer is that we are currently in the midst of a pandemic which has cost at least 100,000 lives, which has put huge strain on hospitals and other emergency services and which in the UK, has been exacerbated by a new, faster spreading strain.

Now, you and I may disagree with some of the measures taken. Personally, I would have preferred shorter sharper lockdowns where necessary following an early locking down of borders. Personally, I think the tiers system was probably doing its job in England and I don’t think some of the closures around the UK including of church buildings in Scotland was necessary. However, all that proves is that I disagree with the government’s tactics. Even then I have to recognise that I am no expert on these matters. What it does not prove in anyway is that emergency rules are being used for tyrannical purposes that have nothing to do with COVID. Not only is the accusation unsubstantiated but a little use of reason suggests that it is highly unlikely.

This is the problem you see. When we get careless about the veracity of our claims, we also become careless about our reasoning.  This matters because if people find that they cannot trust Christians to be completely truthful and completely reasonable on a matter like this, then how likely are they to pay attention to our claims and arguments when we are using apologetics to defend the faith.

Truth matters … and so does reason.

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