Anchors Up!

Photo by Wallace Chuck on

I grew up in the Boys Brigade singing the song “Will your anchor hold.” So don’t hear me wrong. I don’t want to take away from the imagery of our anchor grounded firm and deep as we are rooted in Christ.

However, I want to use the metaphor in another context. It is right that we keep the anchor firm when it is about clinging to Christ. However, it is  also possible that we can find ourselves, anchored or moored up to things that we shouldn’t be. Ships are meant to set sail and not remain permanently in the harbour.

Could it be that God has been using COVID-19 to identify those things that we have been moored to. The traditions and ways of doing things that have restricted us, the phoney obligations that have held us back. What if God has been using those things to loosen unhelpful anchors, to help us slip our moorings and to get us moving?

Are you ready to push out into deeper waters without those things holding you back? This means going wherever Christ leads you, doing whatever he asks, fearless in unprecedented times knowing that you are with him. 

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