Being Human – New series on faithroots starts this week

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The original (and an ongoing) aim of Faithroots  was to help people think through how doctrine/systematic theology applied to life. My concern was that we seem to separate Christian teaching into heavy weight more academic stuff and practical self help stuff. But if what we believe affects how we live then first of all, the two should not be separated out and secondly, the theological stuff should be available and accessible to ordinary church members.

As time has gone on and then particularly with the relaunch last year the emphasis of faithroots has broadened out a little to allow for more commentary on day to day public and church life (after all this is an aspect of seeing how what we believe affects how we live) and regular followers will know that my concern has grown even more to see theological content made more and more accessible for those who would not be able to access traditional theological education (seminary). However that original aim remains central.

I started by outlining 4 areas that we needed to give attention to and have been building up the series since.  Those four areas are

– What we believe about God

–  What we believe about creation

– What we believe about humanity

– What we believe about New Creation

So far we’ve covered God and creation. You Can read these as pdf e-books now available from the publications page as well as an introductory look at how we know about God, us and the world.

How do you know? (now with study guide)

Who is God?

How did we get here?

Now, I’m getting down to writing about the what we believe about humanity and I’ll be publishing articles on this as over the next few months. The first few will be available this week. At the moment an overview of what we will cover looks as follows


  1. Truth and lies about humanity

What the Bible says about us

  1. Made in God’s image (Genesis 1:26-28)
  2. Made for each other (Genesis 2)
  3. Fallen and judged (Genesis 3)
  4. Murderers at heart (Genesis 4)
  5. Subject to death (Genesis 5)
  6. Pursuing a distorted purpose (Genesis 6)
  7. Needing a saviour (Genesis 6-9)
  8. Hostile to God (Genesis 10-11)
  9. Not without hope (Genesis 12:1-3)

A Biblical Theology of humanity

  1. God’s people in God’s place
  2. A Biblical Theology of man
  3. A Biblical Theology of woman

A Systematic theology of humanity

  1. The doctrine of humanity
  2. The doctrine of sin
  3. The doctrine of the incarnation
  4. The doctrine of redemption
  5. The doctrine of justification
  6. The Doctrine of ascension (Christ as mediator and advocate – the man in heaven)
  7. The doctrine of sanctification

A practical theology of humanity

  1. Race
  2. Gender
  3. Work
  4. Marriage
  5. Same Sex attraction
  6. Gender  dysphoria 
  7. Emotional health

The Church

  • One body
  • The marks of the church
  • Leadership and the church
  • Spiritual gifts


  1. Pulling everything together

However, please don’t assume that this is set in stone and if there is something you think should be covered in this section, please let me know.  I hope that this content provides useful and feedback is always welcome.

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