COVID data update

Here’s the latest charts and updates to help you with your planning and risk assessment.

Today saw 26,144 new cases (reported). That’s down by 5,651 on last Saturday.

Over the past seven days there have been 192,251 new cases.

Cases are continuing to decline although we have seen the rate of decline slow down and level off.

Based on the current number of cases coming through daily and hospital admission rates being at 2%-2.3% on a 10 day lag, my expectation is that we will see admissions falling and this will feed into deaths. I expect admissions to fall to about 500-600 daily by the 2nd week of August. If this happens then hopefully this will act as further reassurance to those who remain highly vigilant about risk from public gathering.

Note that the percentage increase in the average number of daily deaths has started to slow over the past few days which reflects what we’ve seen in terms of cases

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