Ukraine War: What should we pray?

As Russia invades Ukraine, I’ve shared some opinion pieces talking more generally about the conflict and In this article, I want to talk specifically about how we as Christians respond to what is happening in Ukraine.  How specifically do we pray?  I want to suggest five specific things that we should pray:

  1. We pray specifically for our brothers and sisters, fellow believers in Ukraine.  They are part of the body and we should grieve with them at this time. Their pain should hurt us.  We pray for peace because we do not want them to suffer. We also pray that God will strengthen them for this time of suffering so that they will stand firm and faithful.
  2. We pray that God will bring peace, that the conflict will end. However, I don’t think we simply pray for peace at any cost. Our desire should be for just peace. This means that we want to see evil plans brought to nought and evil men brought to justice.
  3. We pray that God will help us to trust him through uncertain days.  That God will use these times to teach us and to grow our faith in him alone.
  4. We pray that God will use this conflict for his glory that people will put their trust in Christ as the foundations of their worlds are shaken.
  5. We pray “come Lord Jesus.”  Wars, natural disasters, famines, plagues are all part of living in a world that is subject to decay because of the fall. These are all reminders that the creation longs and groans for the day when Christ will return and make all things new. Even as we pray for a swift end to this conflict and peace, we know that there will always be conflict, always be suffering in this age. So we look to the prince of peace, the one who will bring an end to all war, who will end suffering and wipe away tears.  We long and pray for his return.

If you would like some practical help putting prayers into words here are a couple of suggestions

  1. Steve Kneale suggests we use the words of Psalm 46
  2. Ed Creedy offers this ancient prayer from 1 Clement
  3. Over the past few days lots has been shared about what Ukrainian believers are praying and asking us to pray with them. Here is one example of a family singing “He will hold me fast” Why not listen as they sing and join in in English.
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