Ministry Nuts and Bolts: What does the pastor need to know

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I’ve recently wrote about things that church leaders need to know about and be trained in beyond the narrower limits of theological and even pastoral care education and training. I followed this up with a specific article about finances. 

This prompted some feedback asking for further articles looking at practical aspects of leadership from safeguarding through to public liability and HR. So, I’m planning to run a few articles along these lines and I’m hoping to have some guest writers join in as well. Look out for some podcasts too.

So, I’ve two requests.

  1. Please let me know of any specific topics you think it would be helpful to cover.
  2. If you are interested in writing a guest article around an area of expertise then please also let me know.

Some things I’m currently hoping to cover either myself or where I’ve managed to persuade someone to write for me are:

What the pastor needs to know about medical care

What the pastor needs to know about immigration and asylum

What the pastor needs to know about the Law and legal system.

What the pastor needs to know about employment and HR

What the pastor needs to know about safeguarding

I’ve already written on Financial Leadership and Bob Sharples recently wrote for me on building/property management.  During COVID I ended up writing a few articles about risk management.

So, please drop me a line via the contact form below

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