The A Level Results scandal – a moral issue

I have written already about some aspects of the A Level results fiasco.  So far I’ve written about the political fall out and the technical and administrative errors.  It is important when we consider things that we think through all the implications. However, central to the scandal is a moral issue. The moral issue isContinue reading “The A Level Results scandal – a moral issue”

The A Level Results scandal – a political disaster

Whatever you may think of previous education secretaries, I suspect that even the most controversial (Ken Baker, Ken Clarke, David Blunkett or even Michael Gove) would not have made such a horrendous hash of exam grades during the pandemic. First of all, they would not have come out and said that exam grades based onContinue reading “The A Level Results scandal – a political disaster”

A message for those getting A Level Results

I wanted, as usual, to write something specifically for those of you getting GCSE and A-Level results over the next couple of weeks. This year’s results will be unusual due to COVID-19, determined not by final exams but by a mixture of previous work, teacher judgement and algorithms.  I understand that for many this willContinue reading “A message for those getting A Level Results”