Food from around the web ( 3rd April)

There has been much discussion about whether or not we can take communion at this time. You will have already seen my articles on and no doubt also read Garry Williams perspective which I respond to. Here are two more perspectives. Ian Paul writes from an Anglican perspective whilst Andrew Wilson comes from a New Frontiers position.

Holding onto what is good (Emma Scrivener): “At the moment it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But even now, there are moments of grace. Here’s a few …”

Theological Education and Working Class Pastors: Here’s an issue close to my heart. Listen in to Steve Kneale and Andy Smith in conversation

Creature of the Word: Church Planting with Luther “It’s often the first question I get asked once I’ve mentioned in conversation that my job involves planting a new church. Especially if I’m talking to someone whose not a church-goer themselves. And then sometimes they closely follow that with, ‘So you’re a builder then?'”

Little Church Fears: Big Church Help. John Benton encourages churches to partner together for the Gospel online. This application has legs beyond the current crisis.

From the Freezer: The Goldilocks Zone – a review Here’s my review of Mike Ovey’s edited works from a few years back. This book is full of stimulating food for the journey. Why not make it part of your Coronavirus reading?

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