Foxes in the garden #SummerIsComing

This morning as I was making breakfast I spotted our local family of foxes out on our law.  WE had seen a glimpse of one heading over the fence a few days ago, then on Saturday night there had been a banging on the patio door window as one of them tried to get in with a chicken bone.

We know that there has been a fox nest somewhere in the wasteland behind our house and a few years back we tended to see them coming out regularly but we cleared back some of our own undergrowth and ended up not seeing them for a few years. Had they died or moved on? Were they simply put off now our garden was more exposed?

Well now they are back. It is a beautiful reminder of life winning out and returning.  Whether it is baby lambs on the farm or baby foxes in the garden not to mention blossom on the trees and daffodils and other flowers appearing, these things are the evidence that we are in Spring time and summer is coming, the winter does end.

#SummerIsComing has been my refrain throughout the Cornanvirus pandemic. I believe that resurrection follows death, I believe that is so because at the centre of our story is the death and resurrection of Jesus. That’s why Christians have hope.

Our hope is not just in nicer weather and an end to a plague. Rather, because we have our hope in Jesus, we look forward to the permanent summer and our resurrection. We experience mini death and resurrection events in our own lives and they point to that greater resurrection. We get through winter and come to summer, we look forward to the end of a pandemic because the true summer is coming with the Son.