Do we have grace?

I first heard of Vernon Higham when Wesley Aiken, pastor at Rochester Baptist Church came back from a holiday. Higham had been the visiting speaker at the church where Wesley’s family went on their holidays. Wesley described this frail elderly man taking to the pulpit and preaching a gospel sermon about the grace of God that captivated all from young to old including teenagers.

Higham had been the pastor at the Heath Church in Cardiff for many years. He was also a good friend of Martyn Lloyd Jones.

Well, today, I picked up these little video interviews with him and I believe there are some timely and vital things for the church today in how he answers.

Here are some summary points

  • The most important thing to say to any church is “love one another
  • Christians struggle to get along because when we go through tough times, we don’t allow grace to enter those situations
  • Some people seem to preach but don’t have the  grace of the doctrines themselves. The result is that they do a lot of damage within the churches they lead. He had a particular concern about this with regards to the New Calvinism
  • Martyn Lloyd Jones used to say “use your head but preach to the heart.”
  • Expository preaching is powerful and to be preferred to topical preaching
  • Some people are too busy marching up and down protesting against things liem gay marriage. This is a distraction. What people being drawn into things like same sex marriage need to hear is the preaching of the Gospel.
  • There is a need for quiet people who don’t push themselves but seek out the lonely and preach to the lonely hearts.
  • Christ payed attention first of all to the lame, the blind and the lepers. He had a big heart for the broken people. We should love to help the broken people.
  • We need the unction or anointing of the Spirit. This means we still do the hard work of preparation but we hand it over to the Holy Spirit. Without him, it is just our words and so we put ourselves in the place of God.
Vernon Higham interview 1

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