Christmas is not cancelled

Many people are frustrated and upset at the sudden U-Turn on Christmas arrangements. Those measures had offered some small reprieve but arrangements for festivities were still going to be minimal and restricted.

Now, however, the hashtag #ChristmasIsCancelled is gaining currency. So, it is important to say that Christmas is not cancelled. Now, by this I don’t mean that we observe it in  the sense that some suggest that the festivities and feasting are a bad thing that swamp out Christmas.  We can be a bit Grinch like in our attitude to the holiday.  You know festivals have always been joy packed, filled with food, music, laughter, dancing and presents.  Christmas and Easter marking the coming of salvation should be times for such feasting more than any other festival or part occasion through the year.

But rather, my point is this. Yes we can are going to have to accept restrictions and curtailment.  Yes Christmas will be different but we will still be able to celebrate. You see, the Government cannot cancel the good news that 2000 years ago a baby was born who brought joy and peace to the world.  That fact does not change.  So, let’s find innovate ways to celebrate despite the restrictions. Let’s get together on Zoom, let’s deliver food, presents and Christmas Day meals to the needy, the lovely and the vulnerable in the community. Let’s light our homes and our windows with bright lights and put up our Christmas Trees. Let’s stand on our door steps and sing carols.

Christ the Saviour of the World is come.

We may feel let down this weekend but this is a reminder that we can put our trust in the one who did not cancel his plans or promises for that first Christmas.  Christmas is not cancelled this year, it is needed more than ever.

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