#churchtoo, abuse bullying and culture – let’s have the conversation

In the light of the Timmis, Fletcher, Smyth and RZIM reports, there does seem to be a level of willingness amongst church and network leaders to talk about church culture and how we encourage reformation in this area. I will be including some more articles next week addressing this subject further but at this stage, I wanted to draw your attention to some of the contributions and resources already available.

First of all, here on faithroots, I’ve been writing on this subject for some time now and you can find a lot of the relevant articles either under the Church abuse tag (it’s worth starting from the beginning) or under Guilt Driven Church

Have a look at these articles by Steve Kneale on Church culture here and here. Meanwhile another friend, Duncan Forbes writes about his experience of abuse here and recovery here.

Chris Green writes warning about the risk that we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg and he has also blogged about how to respond to the recent report.

And this is indeed only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the conversation. Be sure to read anything by Diane Langberg who is an expert in counselling abuse victim. Do be sure as well to join the Church as Refuge conference on line in June where she will be speaking.

This is such an important conversation, let’s keep it going.

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