Arise and Shine

I’ve now put together all of the teaching and devotional material we’ve been covering in Isaiah in one place. You can read it here.

This should be a useful training resource for those of you making use of Faithroots resources for equipping for urban ministry.

Part 1 offers an overview to the book, setting it in its historical context, dealing with authorship issues and looking at structure. It goes on to look at the key themes of the book and some possible approaches to teaching it in a church context.

In part 2, we spend forty days in the book. This is not intended as a commentary although it does include significant exegesis and exposition of the text. Rather, if a significant part of training for ministry is formational -looking at the pastor’s heart and character, then this section is about helping you to mediate on the message of Isaiah and apply it to your own life.

Part 3 looks at some potential applications from the book before summing up its message.

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