Discriminating home sellers

You may have picked up on the story of the home-owners who refused to sell their house to a same-sex couple. The story is I guess of personal interest to me because we are in the process of attempting to move home. Fascinatingly, something has come up repeatedly in conversations with estate agents, both when… Continue reading Discriminating home sellers

Politician sacked … for being competent at her job!

So, another politicians has had to resign (i.e. they were told to)  and apologise.  This week, the shadow minister for faith, Janet Daly resigned and apologised.  What was her misdemeanour? Had she been caught in an affair, had she been accused of bullying, had she broken COVID-19 rules even? Not, it was none of those… Continue reading Politician sacked … for being competent at her job!

Contraception, Homosexuality and Christian Ethics

Photo by 42 North on Pexels.com

I want to pick up on a twitter thread I looked at recently.  The basis of the thread is that Christians strongly insist that same-sex attracted people should comply with traditional Christian ethics. However, the traditional Christian ethic was until the 20th century that contraception was also sinful.  I have a couple of concerns with… Continue reading Contraception, Homosexuality and Christian Ethics