Listen very carefully

Here’s today’s Afternoon Tea discussion. As it is Sunday, we have a first look at the Sunday Night topic which this week is “Listen carefully” (Hebrews 2:1-4). Here are the key points:

1. The context is that Jesus is greater than the angels.

2. Although Jesus’ revelation is greater, it does not replace the OT revelation but fulfils it. The judgement for sin that the OT warns about is borne by Christ. This si why we need to pay attention to the Gospel

3. There was something unique about the miracles around Jesus and the apostles intended to show their uniqueness and confirm the special revelation of the Gospel.

4. It is important that our gifts today point to Christ, not away from him

5. Sometimes it is not the person who has the gifting who is responsible for it becoming a distraction from Christ. We can lock on to our favourite preacher or worship leader.

6. We can respond to this temptation and correct it by sometimes stopping engaging with a particular ministry if we are relating to it in an idolatrous way. However we cannot withdraw from the local church. Instead in that case we can broaden our horizons to see the other gifts within the church (this is why we encourage plurality of leaders, musicians, worship leaders and preachers).

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