So what were we doing all that for?

I intended not to dive back into the Dominic Cummings story again but it is the story that keeps giving. I don’t want to focus on his guilt or innocence however.  Rather I want to talk about the reaction or the expected  reaction.

The suggestion has been that if Cummings is not sanctioned in some way that all trust will be lost in the Government and therefore the lockdown strategy will collapse around us, especially as it means that people will be able to appeal their fines.  Apparently the police have been meeting people who have been saying “Why should we keep the rules if Dominic doesn’t.

That rather begs the question.

“So why were we keeping the rules in the first place.”

Did we really keep them because we just wanted to be like Dominic, because we looked to him as trusted role model or because we believed every word of our political leaders?  Was it the £100 fine that deterred you? Hands up who seriously processed the calculation and thought “I would like to visit mum and dad but it’s not really worth a £100 is it?” How many pastors have got rid of their “What would Dom Do” bracelets and decided to go gung ho and open on Sunday?

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Of course those weren’t the reasons were they. We followed the guidance because we knew there was a serious risk and we heard what scientists were saying and saw what was happening around the world. It wasn’t that we valued our mums slightly less than a £100 but because we love them and know you can’t put a price on that so we wanted them to be safe.

I suspect that those who are saying “I’m going to the beach because of Dominic” would have been there anyway. Meanwhile the rest of us will stay home. Maybe a little grumpier, a little more cynical, a little less ready to forgive future government errors. Yet we are staying home because we believe this will help in the fight against COVID-19 not to save money or to be like someone.

And of course, the challenge is not just about how we react to COVID-19. I hope the example has given us a sense for how silly our decision making is. You see we so often make the big decisions in life to impress other people or for some small material gain. There has to be a better option than that.

What is my real motivation for how I live and act? Surely it should be the hope I have in Christ and seeking to glorify God and enjoy him forever.

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