Is God Just and Fair?

Yesterday’s #AfternoonTea looked at this question as we continue to think about questions to do with justice. Key points include There are two arguments to consider here. First that God punishing sin is unfair because how can we really know that he exists and what his law is? The second is that it is unfairContinue reading “Is God Just and Fair?”

Let them eat cake – thoughts on fairness and justice

This week on Afternoon Tea we are exploring questions about fairness and justice. In our first slot of the week, we talked about the difference between equality of outcome and equality of opportunity. I suggested that we might represent this simply by thinking in terms of sharing out a cake (because I like cake). ImagineContinue reading “Let them eat cake – thoughts on fairness and justice”

So what were we doing all that for?

I intended not to dive back into the Dominic Cummings story again but it is the story that keeps giving. I don’t want to focus on his guilt or innocence however.  Rather I want to talk about the reaction or the expected  reaction. The suggestion has been that if Cummings is not sanctioned in someContinue reading “So what were we doing all that for?”