Authority and Authoritarian

I’ve responded recently to Christian leaders complaining about authoritarian leadership by observing that there are plenty of people out there who are willing to complain that church leaders are authoritarian. What provokes this tends to be when Christian leaders give a clear exposition of Scripture with application that requires God’s people to respond to obligationsContinue reading “Authority and Authoritarian”

No, troops are not being deployed on the streets

A lot of media attention and Christian commentary too this week was on speculation about the Government putting troops on the streets to deal with people who don’t comply with COVID-19. I came across some of the speculation in reaction to a letter that some church leaders have written to the government urging them notContinue reading “No, troops are not being deployed on the streets”

No the church did not roll over during COVID

There’s an insinuation going around in some circles at the moment that because churches closed down buildings and started to meet online during the COVID-19 lockdowns and are currently conforming with face mask and social distancing rules that this makes us wet cowards. The narrative is that COVID regulations are some kind of authoritarian attackContinue reading “No the church did not roll over during COVID”