Food from around the worldwide web (19/06/2020)

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Grieving Well My Story practical advice on how to live through the immediate aftermath of bereavement.

George Floyd and Me Hip hop artist Shai Linne writes movingly about how the death of George Floyd affected him.

The problem of NRPF Free School Meals hit the headline this week through Marcus Radford’s campaign. Here is an issue that hasn’t made the headlines but has a significant impact on the lives of many families. Steve Kneale talks about those who have No Recourse to Public Funds and how the pandemic affects them

The joys of sleep We have been talking about work and rest this week on our #AfternoonTea slot. So, it was good to see this article about sleeping better from Bill Merrington

How can we live in the foolish wisdom of God? A sermon on 1 Corinthians 1 from Ian Paul

Out of the Freezer: Reading and Teaching Revelation: I’ve been re-sharing some past studies from Revelation this month. It is a book designed to help believers live through uncertain, troubled days This article outlines my overall approach to the book

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