Keir and Boris … stop the party politics over COVID

It didn’t take long for our politicians to step into the gutter over the pandemic did it. We’ve had cheap stunts like “Eat Out to Help” from the chancellor and we have had Boris insulting the Labour leader as Captain Hindsight whilst refusing to give serious answers to questions and treating scrutiny as a nuisance.

Meanwhile up in Scotland it seems the SNP’s decisions are guided as much by a desire to distinguish them from Westminster.

Then today Keir Starmer came out in favour of a circuit break lockdown. There is nothing wrong with him proposing and debating the merits of an alternative approach. If he had stuck to that then I would say “fair enough.”

But he couldn’t do that. The human need for a dig took over and so we got the rhetoric of the Government losing control of the virus.

Now first of all this suggests the Government had control of the virus on the first place. Now as I have argued before, it is right and Biblical to attempt to subdue and control part of creation. However the whole point of a pandemic is that it is a virus not under control. So not just the UK but the whole world has not got this thing under control yet. We knew a second wave was likely and bang on time here it is.

So I would urge our politicians to drop the party posturing. To be sure disagree about approaches but focus on the merits and risks of each approach. Deal with the substance because as long as you are treating this as a chance to score points, it suggests to me that you are not taking it seriously.

As always though, my main desire is to see what the lessons are for us as Christian’s. How many times do we make a point in a way that enables us to stick the knife in? How often do we dress up our own grumbles with spiritual language? Why is there a common tendency to speak not just for ourselves but also for unnumbered and unnamed others?

Let’s make sure that our yes is yes and our no is no. Let us speak the truth in love and let us seek to build up and edify.

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