Assurance in God’s Word

1 Peter 1:12-21 In the face of false teachers and facing his own imminent death, Peter wants to ensure that the churches are fully prepared for the road ahead.  In so doing, a major priority of his is assurance. So, first of all we see assurance demonstrated by spiritual growth. Now, we also see thatContinue reading “Assurance in God’s Word”

Jesus thank you

Jesus Thank you (Isaiah 53:10-12) Introduction How much do you value your status? Think about it. You may initially say that you don’t care but you know how you react when you are wrongly accused, when you are unfairly turned down for a job or when someone makes a mean joke about you. We wantContinue reading “Jesus thank you”

Does each Scripture have more than one meaning?

This is a question I heard the other day. It’s quite a common one.  At one end of the spectrum is the insistence that yes, when you read Scripture there is a specific purpose and meaning and you should not deviate from it. At the other end of the spectrum you will hear people sayContinue reading “Does each Scripture have more than one meaning?”

Is God Punishing Us?

Faithroots Live: Discipline, Punishment and the Coronavirus Here are the seminar outline notes for our Faithroots Live session coming up at 2pm. Feel free to use these to add your own notes A. Introduction We rightly stop to ask “What is God doing in this?” The challenge of current issues in the world and TheContinue reading “Is God Punishing Us?”

A different kind of leader

Isaiah 42:1-4 What makes a good leader? Perhaps we think in terms of charisma, competence, strength, a compelling vision. Think about these people: Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn, Nicol Sturgeon, Robert Mugabe, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin. What makes people look to them as leaders. What about leaders more locally, church, home, school, work. What authority doContinue reading “A different kind of leader”

Food for the long haul

The work of the word is long term and wholistic not short term and piecemeal Relevant? As we have been discussing, facing a major crisis like a pandemic and a lockdown will take more than occasional disjointed thoughts. We need to see the big picture of who God is and what his plans and purposesContinue reading “Food for the long haul”