We are talking but are we hearing each other?

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I’ve written recently about the discussion concerning “evangelical deconstruction.” I’ve also in the past picked up on aspects of the debate including reactions to articles from people like Kevin DeYoung and John Piper as well as books such as “The making of Biblical Womanhood.” Part of the problem I think is that we have the… Continue reading We are talking but are we hearing each other?

The hermeneutical foul

If you’ll indulge me, I want to say a little bit more about the recent debate that followed that Jonathan Leeman article.  The article and the aftermath raised important questions about how we read and hear what others are saying, including God’s Word but also how we read and hear what each other are saying.… Continue reading The hermeneutical foul

Wounded, well-meaning and wolves

I recently referred to an article by Jonathan Leeman which led to a conversation about Spiritual abuse. In this article, I want to engage a little bit further with Jonathan’s article. I want to highlight some areas where I think he’s unfairly criticised, some important points he has made which need hearing and also an… Continue reading Wounded, well-meaning and wolves