Thoughts on re-planting as a form of church revitalisation

Replanting is a little different to church revitalisation. There is a sense in which any church of any size could need and probably at some point will need a form of revitalisation to breath fresh life in. That might involve changes to personnel, culture and to teaching to enable renewal and/or reformation depending where theContinue reading “Thoughts on re-planting as a form of church revitalisation”

ActBC Urban Church Planting Update

Here’s a version of the ActBC newsletter I sent out today. If you are interested in becoming a prayer partner/supporting any of these church planting/replanting initiatives please drop get in touch via the contact form Dear friends, It has been a little while since I sent round an update on our attempts to encourage urbanContinue reading “ActBC Urban Church Planting Update”

What should we look for in missions presentations?

This post is prompted a little by Steve Kneale’s article where he describes sitting through a missions’ sermon.  It got me thinking a little about what we expect in and from a missions talk. So often the aim of a such a presentation (aside from sharing specific prayer points) tends to be about persuading meContinue reading “What should we look for in missions presentations?”