Stopping a virus from spreading

As churches we have made every effort these past few months to prevent a virus from spreading. We have self isolated, we have washed our hands, we have closed down our buildings for a while and when we have reopened we have been so careful to socially distance and wear masks.

It is good that we take seriously COVID-19. It is a contagious and deadly illness that targets the most vulnerable among us. So, do we take other infections so seriously.

The Bible identifies false teaching, serious immorality without repentance and gossip/slander as viral dangers that similarly spread quickly and cause mayhem. Once again, we see that that most vulnerable are most at risk.

The Bible brings in it’s own quarantine methods. False teachers are exposed and confronted, those on serious sin are disciplined and even excluded. In Revelation, Jesus proves willing to shut down whole churches for the sake of the Gospel.

How serious are we? To stop false teaching you have to stop giving those who promote it platforms via conferences, book deals and magazine articles. To stop gossip spreading you have to stop passing gossip on.

We love the church enough to care about the physical safety of our members. How much do we care about their spiritual safety?

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