Is a 10 year jail term proportionate for lying about quarantine?

My friend Steve has opened up this question and indicated a reluctance to enter into the specific debate although eventually he did give his opinion. I on the other hand am happy to wade in to the specific debate and to say that I think a ten year prison sentence is perfectly reasonable and proportionateContinue reading “Is a 10 year jail term proportionate for lying about quarantine?”

Mingling – The Rule of Six and challenges for church

This week, the Government has introduced new rules. It will be illegal to have groups of greater than six gathering for social purposes. Whilst this does not in and of itself limit the numbers that can attend church, it will have some affect on church life. This is because whilst the total number of peopleContinue reading “Mingling – The Rule of Six and challenges for church”

Stopping a virus from spreading

As churches we have made every effort these past few months to prevent a virus from spreading. We have self isolated, we have washed our hands, we have closed down our buildings for a while and when we have reopened we have been so careful to socially distance and wear masks. It is good thatContinue reading “Stopping a virus from spreading”

A Quarantined World

I love Sci-Fi. I think my parents and sister probably kicked off my appetite for it by sitting in front of our old black and white TV to watch classis like War of the Worlds whilst I was out at Boys Brigade as a kid. It gave me a hunger to get home and seeContinue reading “A Quarantined World”