Healthy online

Healthy online Being in lockdown has probably escalated the amount of time many of us spend on social media. In many respects the advent of Facebook, Twitter Instagram etc has made communication so much easier when people are apart. However, being online is not always safe and not always healthy.  In today’s Afternoon Tea discussionContinue reading “Healthy online”

Preaching shorter sermons (Do we need to in lockdown online?)

One question that keeps coming up during lockdown is whether we can preach the same length of sermons during lockdown or whether we need to shorten them. At a recent FIEC webinar, research by  educationalists was referenced suggesting that our attention span when viewing online content is about half that of when listening to orContinue reading “Preaching shorter sermons (Do we need to in lockdown online?)”

Church in the new normal

I wanted to share a few reflections on our experience so far during the Coronavirus lockdown. It has been tough and challenging but in other ways, refreshing and encouraging. These are not structured thoughts – just some jotted reflections and interaction with concerns of others. Body ministry kicks in … if it is already inContinue reading “Church in the new normal”