How do you stop a pandemic?

Most of my working life, I’ve been interested in how to keep things moving, flowing and spreading.  In my previous workplace as a manufacturing engineer and later operations manager my primary concern was to ensure that product flowed smoothly along the production (or in our case repair) line without interruption or delay. In my  roleContinue reading “How do you stop a pandemic?”

A suppressed virus will always return

It’s not just Britain then -and it probably isn’t just about a new mutation. Around the world, coun tries are bracing themselves for a third wave of Coronavirus.  Today, the news attention has shifted focused form the South East of England to South Korea which is experiencing its own third wave of the virus. InContinue reading “A suppressed virus will always return”

You can’t stop a virus from spreading that has already spread

This week the Welsh First Minister announced that people living in Tier 2 and 3 areas in England would be banned from entering Wales. Ostensibly this is to help prevent or reduce a spike of cases in Wales. I suspect that in reality, this is more about the type of political posturing I complained aboutContinue reading “You can’t stop a virus from spreading that has already spread”