Church health check (Revelation 2-3)

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Last time, we talked about the pressures that we face which might discourage and even overwhelm us. We saw that the churches, John was writing to were under intense pressure too. They were the minority in a cruel, Godless empire.  They faced opposition and persecution. We will see some of that this week. However, you… Continue reading Church health check (Revelation 2-3)

The Lord of the Church

As we continue to live through Coronavirus, here are two questions to ask ourselves How are we going to get through the year ahead? How do we face A Troubled World – not just with reference to the virus, but the ongoing fear of terrorism, the challenge of Climate Change, a potential economic crisis, tensions… Continue reading The Lord of the Church

Return of the King – How to read and teach Revelation

So we’ve learnt lots about the book of Revelation in terms of its genre, authorship, date and all the different approaches to interpreting it. This is all well and good but could leave us with just an interesting intellectual exercise. “16 All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true… Continue reading Return of the King – How to read and teach Revelation

Return of The King – Interpreting Revelation

Revelation has proved one of the most controversial books in the New Testament. One reason for this is that different people have taken different approaches to interpreting i Different Approaches Kistemaker helpfully lists the following different approaches. Preterist “that which has gone past”[1] to do with the time it was written -focusing on the events… Continue reading Return of The King – Interpreting Revelation

Return of the King – Dating Revelation

There are two main options -an early date pre AD70 under Emperor Nero or a later date around about AD90- AD95 under Emperor Domitian. JAT Robinson favours an early date -his book “Redating the New Testament” he strongly argues that the whole of the New Testament must be understood as written prior to the fall… Continue reading Return of the King – Dating Revelation

Return of the King – What is the book of Revelation?

It is self-identified as “prophecy”[1] in other words, it reveals what God has to say to his people. We may also expect it to include predictions about the future as well as a verdict on what God’s people are doing at a specific time. The genre is usually described as “apocalyptic literature.”[2] This is a… Continue reading Return of the King – What is the book of Revelation?

The Road home (2 Peter 3:14-18)

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Throughout Coronavirus, we’ve taken time each day to pray and look at a Psalm together. I’ve been excited not just to see what each individual Psalm is saying but also to get a sense of the themes coming through. The big theme, particularly in the last part of Psalms is on the journey home for… Continue reading The Road home (2 Peter 3:14-18)

Hastening Christ’s Coming

Why do we get so frustrated when we see people breaking the lockdown rules? It’s the same reason that we used to get frustrated at school when the teacher said that we would be kept behind longer if people kept messing about. We just wanted everyone to behave so that the detention would end and… Continue reading Hastening Christ’s Coming

Be Alert … Be Ready

“Destined for greatness … pacing myself” says one of Sarah’s favourite T-shirts. Personally, I’m not good at the whole pacing thing. I don’t like to be at events on time, I like to be there early and I like to see people involved there in good time too. The closer we get to the start… Continue reading Be Alert … Be Ready

Trusting God for the long-haul (2 Peter 3:1-7)

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Have you noticed the consistent theme that has come through the recent government briefings. Within that umbrella word “government” I am including the road map document, civil servants, science officers and the devolved governments in Scotland. I know there were some controversial issues, some confusing messages and some disagreement. However, everyone was agreed that we… Continue reading Trusting God for the long-haul (2 Peter 3:1-7)