West Smethwick Replant

It’s about three years ago that I had a call from a chap called Steve Horton from Sheffield. He wanted to meet up with me to talk about the local church situation in the West Midlands. He’d just been asked to start looking after evangelical Congregational Churches in the area (Evangelical Fellowship of Congregational Churches)Continue reading “West Smethwick Replant”

If you are going to revitalise you need to be good pastors to the existing congregation

Something struck me the other day as I was talking with a friend who is involved in supporting church revitalisation. His love and care for existing church members shone through. He saw them as showing evidence of being baby Christians even though they were old in years and had been in the church for aContinue reading “If you are going to revitalise you need to be good pastors to the existing congregation”

Coming out of lockdown may require a re-plant mindset

One of the responsibilities of leaders is to see and prepare for what may lie ahead. That’s a double challenge because we are not given infallible foreknowledge, we are dealing for possibilities and probabilities. That means we have to be ready for multiple scenarios. It also means that we will need to be ready toContinue reading “Coming out of lockdown may require a re-plant mindset”